Saturday, January 27, 2007

Week 9: "Made it"

Well, I am here and as yes I made it to the end. The Library 2.0 has opened so many doors of interesting and interactive tools I don't know were to start. First I must thank YPRL for their support and enthusiasm. I have learnt alot about the Internet and the many and vaired tools which individuals can utilise.
As I work at differnet branches the common theme was the "Blog" word and individuals talking about different sections of Library 2.0 and what are they upto and how they didn't understand a certain lesson. Library 2.0 has overcome the age barrier where the young and old are helping each other and communicating about their "Blog". Prior to Library 2.0 you would not have heard the word Flickr, Online image generator, RSS feeds, LibraryThing and the list grows - now it is all around us, I have great pleasure asking my nephews have you heard about this they say, I will show you. (yes Aunty Jane is still on top!).

My favourite tools would have to be: RSS feeds, LibraryThing, I will certainly use in the future.

Well that is the end of the blog enjoy the lovely Rover Cars

Happy Rovering

Week 9: Audiobooks (The end is in sight)

As we couldn't access the Net Library, we were instructed to visist World ebook fair, from there I went into Gutenberg Project with showed a list of free ebooks. Ebooks are a wonderful invention for individuals who can't hold a book but can type and see the screen, it is also for the very busy individuals who haven't got time to sit and read the entire book and only want a certain section, or if a book which has gone out of print but is available in ebook. I have used this service via YPRL home page - Net Library for a number of patrons and was disappointed the service is not available.

I went into Gutenberg Project and listerned to the Little Match Girl - you can either listern to a human (American voice) or a computerised voice. This wonderful tool is a benefit to all individuals and I am sure as time marches on the quality of the sound will too.......

Week 9: Podcasts

My first Podcasts was with Library 2.0, unfortunately I have dial up and tend to miss some of the information. Podcasts are very useful if you miss an TV or Radio show and of course downloading music. Now I have an understanding of what Podcasts are, so when patrons come into the library I now have an idea of what they are talking about - especially when they ask me can I download... run that by me again.... Fred.
Mind you I did find some Podcasts talking to F1 driver Fernando Alonso have a listern Podcasts and enjoy.

Week 9: YouTube

Had a play with YouTube, not my scene I would rather read a book or be outside in the fresh air enjoying the company of others. I feel YouTube is a one on one and people get their enjoyment watching individuals do silly things or not so silly things ............... I will not be using this tool for my own personal use, while on the other hand....

From a library point of view, yes there are possibilities where we could use YouTube for demonstrations, presentations, training staff, and lots more.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Week 8: Online Applications & Tools

I really like the Zoho Writer as it has the same tool bar buttons - or very similiar to Word, you can save your documents on line, share your files, can access your files from any computer via Zoho Writer. For individuals who are very busy and flying all over the world the Zoho Writer is out of this world. I will certainly have a play with this little tool.
Helene Blowers

How can human mankind compete with this modern revolution called the Internet. Just as I am starting to understand and explore Learning 2.0 we could have between 300 & 500 web 2.0 tools available to us human beings to play and explore - will it never end - I don't thing so.....

I picked Google Doc & Spreadsheets as an Internet trainer I utilize the Google Search engine and have seen advertisements on their home page. It is very easy to use, you can access your documents and spreadsheets from any computer with an Internet connection. You can publish documents & spreadsheets on line and even better you can create a document and add it to your blog. I will certainly spend time having a play with this tool.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Week 7: Sandbox Wiki

The Sandbox Wiki is great, it means you can play and add files, photos etc to the Wiki. I added a comment about an author on favorite books

Well, now I can see how you can edit and alter it is not all that hard, just read the instructions but again the Sandbox Wiki is just for play, still not 100% happy about the real Wikis that are around the world.

Anyway off to the next segment.

Week 7: Wikis

I am came across Wikipedia while I was teaching an Internet class.

I like the idea where you don't have to have any computer knowledge to add or edit a Wiki. I was very impressed with the PLCM blog where it explains what a Wiki is and I agreee with the disadvantages where anybody can edit or alter and there is very little editorial control over the content.

I enjoyed reading the Webjunction and have a link into their display content page where it takes you step by step into every area. By reading this site it has given me a better understanding of a Wiki and the benefits a Wiki would be for the Community and for libraries.

This segment has given me a better understanding of a Wiki. Perhaps YPRL could create a Wiki for each council where residents could write about any topic in their community, certainly food for thought, or should that be a Wiki thought!

My thought for the day, I will look at a Wiki with new eyes, but will certainly inform indviduals to check with a more reliable source especially with school research projects.

Week 6: Technorati & Web 2.0

Technorati is a very interesting site, I love how you can tag any topic by key word search or even a blog. I tagged and found 542 photos just on british cars with numerous links, not alot of blogs to each link. The Technorati could be addictive just like "blogger".

Library 2.0 illustrates to us and the rest of the users in the world the Internet is constantly changing and challenging us all to jump on board and go for the ride, it doesn't matter if you fall off, get back on and try again, one important aspect I have learnt is you must play and learn by your mistakes.

I will use Delicious, Librarything, Flickr for my own personal use while as an YPRL trainer I will be certainly utilising my newly acquired skills to show members of the public how they too can find enjoyment and enjoy the wonders of the Internet revolution

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Week 6: Tagging and discover

I was very impressed with "Librarything" where you could tag your books, but the possibilities are endless, this would be a very useful resource at a library as it allows you to bookmark a web page and then add tags to categorise each web page. I have listed several under Australian Newspapers and then "tagged" Newpapers clicked onto the tag and hey presto the two links are there - newspapers

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Week 5: Number 12 Roll your own search engine

When you read a book, you have a bookmark noting the page you have finished reading, well I think Rollyo is very similiar to a "bookmark". The difference being with Rollyo you can have numerous URL's linked to the one search button. I created a search button under the name of ROVER CARS and linked numerous sites - brillaint the possibilities are endless!!!!

Here goes my attempt to paste into my blog the "searchroll"

Yes I did it!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Week 5: Number 11 A thing about Librarything

This exercise has been the best so far for Library 2.0, I could spend hours searching for titles from Amazon and listing them into my Librarything. Mind you I still have to list my own books, but that can wait. This is such a useful and easy tool to use, I especially like the tagging - great fun, this would be very useful in the Rosanna library where we have a number of bookclubs utilizing our collection and it could be kept at the reference desk for staff and book club individuals to access. Food for thought??

I have also listed a number of other titles which I have read and was amazed that 455 other members had read "1st to die by James Patterson, while no other member had read Anthea Fraser?

Murder at the Old Vicarage by Jill Mcgown12 other members. Tags: private investigator

1st to Die (Women's Murder Club (Paperback) by James Patterson455 other members. Tags: crime

Family Concern (Rona Parish Mysteries) by Anthea FraserNo other members. Tags: private investigator

Tinder Box by Jo Bannister2 other members. Tags: private investigator.

Heart of the World (Carlotta Carlyle Mysteries (Hardcover) by Linda Barnes14 other members. Tags: police work

My LibraryThing

Monday, January 01, 2007

Week 5: Number 10 Image Generators

I found this exercise very interesting and lots of fun, I really liked the way you could alter the text - I think a number of individuals could relate to "Where is my dinner!!" Image Generator and the bus, well I thought I would show another mode of transport rather than just all cars.